The Expert’s Guide to Finding Hair Salons for Rent in Los Angeles County

The Suites Spot Blog The Expert’s Guide to Finding Hair Salons for Rent in Los Angeles County

The Expert’s Guide to Finding Hair Salons for Rent in Los Angeles County

Renting a salon space is a big decision and we’re here to help! At The Suites Spot, we offer more than just a workspace. With around-the-clock access, top-tier luxury amenities, and a professional, uplifting environment, it’s the perfect launchpad your career has been waiting for.

Before taking the leap into a salon suite rental, here are some things to consider:


Is it easily accessible for your clientele? A convenient location can make a significant difference. 

Before selecting a salon suite, take the time to understand your target market. If you cater to a specific demographic or niche, choose a location where your potential clients reside or frequent. 

A visible location with good signage increases your salon’s visibility. This is essential for attracting walk-in clients and building brand awareness.

Look into the future development plans for the area. Choosing a location in a growing or up-and-coming neighborhood can be beneficial for long-term business success.

The Suites Spot is situated just off the 605 and 405 freeways – a prime location bridging Los Angeles and Orange County that clients will love. Learn more about our locations here.

The Expert’s Guide to Finding Hair Salons for Rent in Los Angeles County


Setting a rental budget for a salon suite is a crucial step in your business planning. Ensure that the rent fits within your budget, and consider additional costs like utilities and maintenance.

Keep in mind that the location of the salon suite plays a significant role in rental costs. Premium locations in busy areas may have higher rents, but they could also attract more clients. 

Larger salon suites typically come with higher rental prices. Consider the space you need for your services and choose a size that aligns with your budget.

Research the market rates for salon suites in the specific area you’re considering. This will give you an idea of the average costs and help you negotiate a fair deal.

Check what amenities are included in the rental. Some salon suites may offer additional services or facilities, and this can affect the cost.

The Suites Spot includes Wifi, utilities, parking, on-site laundry, fully furnished suites, and more, removing the worry of additional costs.

Consider your overall finances for your beauty business. Ensure that the rental cost fits comfortably within your budget, allowing room for other business expenses and potential growth.

The Expert’s Guide to Finding Hair Salons for Rent in Los Angeles County

Size and Layout

Is the space big enough for your needs? Consider the layout and whether it suits the services you plan to offer. Different services may require specific equipment and space. Ensure the layout supports your business activities.

Factor in storage space for supplies, products, and equipment. An organized and clutter-free space enhances the overall experience for clients and professionals.

Depending on your budget you may also want to consider storefront suites in Los Angeles to help give your clients a more luxurious experience.

Built with each beauty professional in mind, The Suites Spot provides the perfect space for hair stylists, brow artists, permanent makeup artists, nail technicians, massage therapists, lash artists, botox nurses, and facialists.

Before finalizing the salon suite rental, create a floor plan that incorporates these considerations. It’s a visual representation of how the space will be utilized and can guide the setup process.

The Expert’s Guide to Finding Hair Salons for Rent in Los Angeles County


Check if the salon suite in Los Angeles is equipped with essential amenities such as water supply, adequate lighting, and proper ventilation. Salon suite rentals often come with a variety of amenities that can enhance your business operations and the overall client experience.

Here are some common amenities to look for: furniture, utilities, Wi-Fi, a shared or dedicated reception area, cleaning services, security measures, shared amenities such as restrooms, marketing support, and more.

Some suites will set up hair salon stations inside of your suites for you so all you have to do is show up for work! No need to invest in shampoo bowls or other expensive equipment.

One of the biggest amenities to consider is simply convenience for both you as a beauty professional and for your stylists. Renting a salon suite in Los Angeles gives you the freedom to run your business how you want.

On top of free utilities, wifi, and dedicated parking, The Suites Spot offers ready-to-use spaces equipped with essential features like dedicated shampoo bowls and color-mixing sinks, a vanity, cabinetry, and a styling chair.  

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Join the #1 Salon Suite in Southern California

The Suites Spot awaits those ready to elevate their beauty journey. In a realm of luxury and innovation, we invite you to step in and redefine excellence.

Rent & Lease Terms 

Salon Booth Rentals are becoming more common in Los Angeles and with that, comes confusing business practices and hidden rental rates.

Carefully review the lease agreement. Understand the lease duration, pricing, renewal options, rent structure, security deposit, maintenance responsibilities, subleasing, termination clause use restrictions, and stipulations to improvements or alterations. 

Clarify your ability to sell your own salon products and understand any hidden fees. Also, see if you have the flexibility to work with another partner or if you’d be able to switch suites later down the road.

Ensure you have a clear understanding of the terms to exit the lease if needed. This includes any fees associated with breaking the lease agreement.

Before finalizing any lease, it’s advisable to have a legal professional review the terms to ensure they align with your business goals and protect your interests.

The Suites Spot - Massage Room for Rent


If your clients need to drive to the salon, having convenient and safe parking options in Los Angeles is essential.

Providing hassle-free parking for your salon clients is a great way to enhance their overall experience. ​​Easy access to parking also ensures that clients with mobility challenges or special needs can comfortably visit your salon. 

Dedicated parking for your clientele is readily available and included for all renters at The Suites Spot. A no-stress parking experience contributes to the overall satisfaction of your clients and can positively impact their perception of your salon. As an added bonus, The Suites Spot provides a separate parking lot in the back of the building so you never have to fight for parking.

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Competition: Look at the surrounding businesses 

Identify if there are other salons or beauty-related businesses in the vicinity offering similar services. Understanding your competition helps you position your salon uniquely.

However, the presence of complementary services in the vicinity can be a significant boon. For instance, having popular establishments like Starbucks in the shopping center can greatly enhance foot traffic, attracting potential clients to the area. These businesses create a bustling environment, making it a destination spot for a broader customer base. People coming in for their daily coffee might notice your salon and consider it for their next appointment. This is something that The Suites Spot Tenants have loved about the location.


Condition of the Space

Check for any needed repairs or renovations. You want a space that is well-maintained and reflects a professional image.

Assessing the condition of the salon suite is a crucial step before finalizing a rental agreement. Examine the space for overall cleanliness, and check the condition of flooring and walls for any signs of damage, stains, or wear. 

Assess the lighting in the salon suite. Adequate and well-positioned lighting is essential for creating a comfortable and functional workspace.

Confirm that safety measures are in place, such as fire exits, smoke detectors, and other emergency equipment

The Expert’s Guide to Finding Hair Salons for Rent in Los Angeles County

The Owners and Management: 

The involvement and commitment of salon owners and management are integral to creating a thriving and reputable business in the beauty and wellness industry. Their leadership sets the tone for the entire salon and influences its overall success.

When working with the owners or managers of a salon, the experience can be either positive or negative. If it’s negative, it can directly impact your overall experience and create a nightmare situation that can even lead to a hostile work environment.

Meeting in person is key to getting a feel for their personality and demeanor. Meet the welcoming managers at The Suites Spot today by scheduling a tour here

Future Growth

Consider the potential for your business to grow in that location. Will the space accommodate expansion if your salon becomes more successful?

Inquire about the availability of larger suite rentals to accommodate your future business needs. Check lease agreements for stipulations on expanding or renegotiating the lease as your business grows.

Understand the demographics and look into the population trends in the area. A growing population can mean an increased customer base for your salon.’

Investigate any upcoming developments or projects in the area. This could indicate a growing and evolving community.

Before making a decision, consider talking to current tenants if possible, and carefully review the terms of the lease agreement. It’s always good to get a feel for the community and ensure it aligns with your business goals.

By addressing these top 10 things to look for before renting a salon, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting a salon space. 


Elevate your craft!


The Suites Spot currently has open salon suites for rent. Ready to schedule a tour?


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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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The Suites Spot awaits those ready to elevate their beauty journey. In a realm of luxury and innovation, we invite you to step in and redefine excellence.

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