Stylist Spotlight: Suzette Dunn

The Suites Spot Blog Stylist Spotlight: Suzette Dunn

Stylist Spotlight: Suzette Dunn

Name: Suzette Dunn

Services Provided: Electrolysis

Electrologist Since: 2020


Tell us your favorite thing about switching from a traditional salon to a salon suite.

Working for myself! It’s awesome. I wish I would have done it years ago!


Tell us a funny anecdote from your first year as a stylist.

*Laughs* I can’t tell those!


What made you want to be an electrologist?

Helping people, because electrolysis is the only 100% hair removal approved by the FDA.


How has working in a salon suite changed your business?

I’m just starting out on my own, but I’ve had nothing but a positive response from all my customers. They’re impressed with my suite and they like the convenience.

Salon Suites for Rent CA | Stylist Spotlight: Suzette Dunn

How has working in a salon suite changed your lifestyle?

I am so happy because it’s so close to my house! I feel so excited about coming to work since it’s mine. I love the convenience and the fact that everything’s taken care of for me. It’s perfect for me and what I do.

Share your favorite beauty tip with us!

Wear sunscreen! And hydrate!


What do you like best about being a stylist?

Changing people’s lives!

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