Stylist Spotlight: Sarah Roth

The Suites Spot Blog Stylist Spotlight: Sarah Roth

Stylist Spotlight: Sarah Roth

Name: Sarah Roth

Stylist for: 12 years

Services provided: custom haircuts, hair color with a specialty in vivids

Tell us your favorite thing about switching from a traditional salon to a salon suite.

Being able to personalize my suite and create the vibe and experience that I want my clients to have.

Tell us a funny anecdote from your first year as a stylist.

I was doing this high school boy’s haircut, and I accidentally shaved off a few of his beard hairs cause there were just a few little hairs, and he got so mad at me because he was trying to grow out his beard!

What made you want to be a stylist?

From a young age, I was always interested in hair and fashion and makeup, and I was really inspired by fashion magazines in the 90s. I really enjoy helping people see themselves in a new light.

How has working in a salon suite changed your business?

Honestly it’s way less stressful! *laughs* Like I don’t feel like I go to work, I’m happy to come to work. Just having the freedom and flexibility of having my own hours and having control over who my clients are makes work so much easier and more enjoyable. Not necessarily easy because it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it. Like I hear other people complaining about their jobs and I’m just like oh I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that!

How has working in a salon suite changed your lifestyle?

It just feels less stressful because I know that I’m in control of my business.

What are two things you love about The Suites Spot?


I love how clean and upscale it is. I love that everything came included with the suite and I didn’t have to do any building out because it wouldn’t have been an option for me if I had to do those things

What drew you to The Suites Spot?

I was tired of salon hopping! And it just seemed like no salon ever had everything that I was looking for. I was searching for a salon home for a long time and every salon came with a different set of issues. I was ready to finally be on my own.

What would you tell a friend who’s on the fence about renting a suite with us?

I’ve literally done it! I would just say do it, it’s totally worth it! You got this! It’s really not that much more expensive than being at a salon and it’s worth the freedom!


What’s your favorite service you provide to clients and why?

I really love doing vivid hair color especially for people that maybe haven’t played around with those colors before, and they’re really excited to do something new. I love when someone gives me creative freedom.


What’s your favorite product line and why?

Pulpriot because I love the color range they have, and I love the texture of the color and the fact that I can mix the colors to achieve different results.


Share your favorite beauty tip with us!

A lot of people use expensive makeup remover but I’ve found the best thing for removing my makeup is vitamin E oil which you can get for really cheap at Trader Joe’s!

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