Stylist Spotlight: Mitsy Sakayeda

The Suites Spot Blog Stylist Spotlight: Mitsy Sakayeda

Stylist Spotlight: Mitsy Sakayeda

Name: Mitsy Sakayeda

Stylist for: 5 years

Services provided: blonding, vivid color, haircuts

Tell us your favorite thing about switching from a traditional salon to a salon suite.

I love having ample storage and I love the freedom to really connect with my clients deeper and level up the quality of the service. My clients love coming here too!

What made you want to be a stylist?

I wanted a career where I was able to express creativity. I’ve always been a people person so I love having a career where you can connect with people while being creative! And I love having the freedom to run and control my own business.


How has working in a salon suite changed your business?

I feel like I’m able to provide a wider variety of services and have more control over the experience and environment.


What are two things you love about The Suites Spot?

Only two? *laughs* I love being able to personalize my space, and I love the community areas, like the shared dryers. There’s such a community of stylists here and I love that!

Stylist Spotlight: Mitsy Sakayeda - The Suites Spot
What would you tell a friend who’s on the fence about renting a suite with us?


Renting a suite gives you a lot more opportunities and room for growth, especially if you’re someone who loves having control!

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