Stylist Spotlight: Evin Toomey

The Suites Spot Blog Stylist Spotlight: Evin Toomey

Stylist Spotlight: Evin Toomey

Stylist Name: Evin Toomey

Services Provided:
IV hydration, vitamin infusion and injection, lab tests, IV ozone therapy and
UVBI (also called photobiomodulation)

Nurse for:
2.5 years

Tell us your favorite thing about running your practice from a private suite: The flexibility, the predictability, the autonomy, and the community!

Beauty Stylist Spotlight: Evin Toomey - The Suites Spot

What’s your favorite story to tell patients while you’re treating them?
No story, because the treatment time is all about them. Sometimes we chat about what they’re
currently dealing with, a lifespan problem, or an upcoming event; the whole talk is dictated by
what’s going on with them. The cool thing is something about this space just pulls it out of them.
They just feel so at peace here.

What made you want to be a nurse?
I absolutely love helping people and nursing is my tool to do that. My skills and my passions
collide. I love being a nurse!

How has working in a private suite changed your business?
It’s taught me how to wear multiple hats, but more importantly how to wear them well because
quality and efficiency have to be delivered every time, and the only way to really develop that is
to be completely launched out on your own. I honed business skills I didn’t necessarily know I
had but now I have them!

What are two things you love about The Suites Spot?
I love the location because it’s positioned in a very noticeable place in the city, which drives
business, plus the parking is good.

Also being surrounded by friends and colleagues; everyone has good ideas and advice, and
there’s no pressure or competition, just everyone doing their things and it’s a happy community!
It really is fun!

What drew you to The Suites Spot?
A stylist suggested it!

What would you tell a friend who’s on the fence about renting a suite with us?
OMG do it! Best decision! Go for it! Manifest that sh*t! Won’t you regret not trying?

  • Share your favorite wellness tip with us!
  • Don’t eat sh*tty food
  • Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise your body and your mind
  • Stay positive
Beauty Stylist Spotlight: Evin Toomey - The Suites Spot

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