Stylist Spotlight: Elise Sharp

The Suites Spot Blog Stylist Spotlight: Elise Sharp

Stylist Spotlight: Elise Sharp

Stylist Name: Elise Sharp

Services Provided: Color, Cut, Balayage, Men’s Haircuts

Stylist for: 20 years


What made you want to be a stylist?

I actually kind of fell into it. I always thought I was going to be an accountant. I ended up going to beauty school because I thought it would be a quick way to get some practical experience to get to work, but I ended up falling in love with it! Styling definitely fits my personality way better. Styling is the best career for someone like me who has two kids. I still get to do everything with them!


What’s your favorite service to provide to clients?

I love balayage! I just love natural looking beautiful hair. No blue hair for my clients! I love getting clients to their most beautiful natural self.


What’s your favorite product line?

I love Unite! All their products smell like the beach.

Stylist Spotlight: Elise Sharp | Salon Suites - The Suites Spot

How do you keep up with the latest hair trends?

I take classes and watch online tutorials. During the quarantine while I was stuck at home I watched a ton of online tutorials! The best way though is hands on training. I have learned lots of tips and tricks from stylists around me!

How has working in a salon suite changed your business?

Working in a salon suite has really opened up my business- I am getting to do so much more of it! I love that I get to do my own retail too and choose what I am selling. It helps me make sure my clients are using the best products for them. Even though I am so busy catching up, I also have been getting some new clients now too! Everyone feels a lot safer here in this environment.

What do you like best about being a stylist?

How creative I get to be! Styling is my creative outlet. I also really love the people! Spending time with my clients is always so fun!

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