Stylist Spotlight: Briana White

The Suites Spot Blog Stylist Spotlight: Briana White

Stylist Spotlight: Briana White

Name: Briana White

Services Provided: Blow dries, highlights, balayage, root colors, haircuts

Stylist Since: 2009


Tell us your favorite thing about switching from a traditional salon to a salon suite.

That I can have my own vibe. It’s changed my clientele so much to be able to represent myself and be who you want because they can be who they want. Being able to express myself in my own room I feel has made me more successful.


How has working in a salon suite changed your business?

I think it reflects back to my clients being able to be more themselves and be more comfy. Having my own independence really projects on to my clients and me being more comfortable allows them to be more comfortable too.

#1 Salon Suites Southern, CA | Briana White - Stylist Spotlight

How has working in a salon suite changed your lifestyle?

It’s made me feel like an adult! Like when people were telling me hey congrats for not working for anybody, I didn’t realize it before but I had moved up and it boosted my confidence a lot.


What’s your favorite service you provide to clients and why?

I love haircuts because a lot of people have their hair as their security blanket, and sometimes they think they have to cut it all off to look better. But I like working around that and letting them keep it, and helping them feel pretty and feel good about themselves.

What’s your favorite product line and why?

This Leaf & Flower Brazilian Blowout. It’s CBD and anti humidity. CBD is great for dry brittle hair and it’s really repairing. Since using it my hair has grown back so much. And it smells so good!


What do you like best about being a stylist?

Making people feel good about themselves!

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