How to Increase Your Bookings

The Suites Spot Blog How to Increase Your Bookings

How to Increase Your Bookings

Trying to fill up your books? Follow these tips to fill up your schedule quickly and easily!

How to Increase Your Bookings | #1 Salon Suites - The Suites Spot

If you’re struggling to build up a clientele and get more bookings, it could be holding you back from progressing in your career (like finally making the switch to your dream salon suite, perhaps?). Whether you’re looking to attract new clients, retain existing ones, or both, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 6 easy-to-implement tips that will help you fill your books in no time.

Tip #1 – Have an online booking platform


Booking appointments while you sleep? Yes please! Apps like GlossGenius allow your clients to book appointments without texting you, so they can do it while you’re busy with clients, taking time off, or even sleeping. This also allows you to give the client in your chair your full attention, and not be drawn away by constant texts trying to book appointments. GlossGenius can also send reminder notifications, marketing texts & emails, accept deposits (cutting down on no shows), and even has a white glove service to transfer your existing books into their app, FOR FREE (even from paper!). It couldn’t be easier to manage your schedule all in one place.

"I have so many clients now, I'm a little overwhelmed! But they feel safer here in this environment, and I'm happy I can give them the attention they deserve while they're in my chair."

Tip #2 – Showcase your work


Show potential clients what you can do! Instagram is a great way to showcase your talent, and give clients an idea of what they can expect from you & your services. You can also show off your space, provide at home tips, and give a peek of your behind the scenes, creating a sense of community and closeness with both existing and new potential clients.


Tip #3 – Find your niche


Specializing is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the competition! Find what you excel at, or a service you offer that not many others do, and focus on that. You can become the top (or only) person providing that service and ultimately the go-to when someone is looking for it.


Tip #4 – Remind clients to come in for consistent touch ups


Once you have your clients, consistency is key! A steady client base should keep your books reliably full. Apps like GlossGenius can send out reminders, and even filter based on how long it’s been since a client’s last appointment with you.


Tip #5 – Ask clients for reviews


When a client is happy with their service, ask them to leave you a review online! This will give potential clients confidence in your skills and abilities when they’re looking for a stylist online.


Tip #6 – Consider a referral program


Consider offering a complimentary add-on service when clients send you someone new! This is a great way to show them that you are appreciative and deserving of their referral and continued business.


Each of these tips can help you get more bookings, and combining all of them can get you to exactly where you want to be. If you’re looking for more tips on running your own independent beauty business, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our email list. Let us know in the comments what guide you want to see next!

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