Advantages of Starting a Salon Suite in an Urban Area

The Suites Spot Blog Advantages of Starting a Salon Suite in an Urban Area

Advantages of Starting a Salon Suite in an Urban Area

Salons are a community staple in many areas, and starting a salon in an urban area provides benefits you miss in rural locations. Urban locations typically equate to more:

  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Businesses for consumers to visit
  • Additional things to do nearby

Even consumers not looking for salon services are more likely to notice your shop if they’re in the area. In short, the greater the population of an area, the more potential business there is for your salon.

Are you considering opening a new salon suite of your own? Here are some of the main benefits of choosing an urban site for your salon suite.

1. High Brand Visibility

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Urban areas are bustling with activity and a constant flow of people, so your brand is more likely to be noticed and remembered by potential clients. As pedestrians wander by your salon suite, you’ll enjoy increased visibility. This encourages potential newcomers to:

  • Google your brand
  • Visit your website
  • Pop in to see what your shop is all about
  • Call to book an appointment

Greater visibility means greater brand awareness. As a small business, any free marketing is worth investing in, and your location in a buzzing city center is exactly that. Take advantage of a prime urban location for brand visibility by making signage clearly visible and eye-catching. Ensure passersby see clients fresh from the chair as they exit the shop.


2. Steady Foot Traffic

Urban environments are characterized by steady foot traffic, ensuring a consistent flow of potential customers past your salon suite. Customers who may not have planned on getting their hair done may wander past and look in to see what your salon is all about.

Being near other businesses means:

  • Brides shopping for gowns may stop to ask about hair
  • Prom attendees may check in between makeup and dress appointments
  • Partygoers may request a blowout between work and a night on the town

Choosing a salon suite in a downtown location increases the likelihood of walk-in clients and fosters a vibrant atmosphere. The steady foot traffic also provides opportunities to get out and market in person. Offer free samples just outside the door to the salon suite or invite newcomers in for a free blowout during slow moments.

3. Networking Opportunities


Urban areas host a variety of businesses. This offers valuable networking opportunities for beauty professionals using salon suites in the area. Building connections with neighboring businesses, such as boutiques, restaurants, or fitness centers, leads to cross-promotional activities.

Connect with dress shops to maximize prom season potential by sending customers to them and having them send customers to you in return. Ask local shops if you can place business cards on their counters or flyers in their windows. Referrals from local businesses help expand your client base organically.

4. Better Work-Life Balance

Urban areas offer many amenities and services in proximity to your workspace. This enables salon owners to strike a better work-life balance. Access to conveniences like:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Recreational facilities

Being nearer these locations contributes to a more fulfilling personal life. You can shop for groceries on your break, work out during your lunch hour, or meet friends after work for drinks and a bite to eat.

5. Accessibility and Parking


A salon suite location in an urban area means parking is easy. If the salon lot is full, choose any underground parking garages, or park at a nearby or side street and walk over. Urban areas place businesses close together, making it simple to park at one business and walk to the next for an appointment.

Accessibility also becomes easier as many urban locations are already outfitted for wheelchairs and other accessibility issues. You can also count on city services to clear away any weather-related debris or obstructions that may be affecting the entrance.

6. Close to City Events

Nothing draws a crowd like a local urban city event. From Christmas tree lightings to parades and beyond, these local events invite thousands who wouldn’t normally be downtown. Placement among the buzz of the local events puts your salon on the map for newcomers.

Get noticed and draw in a whole new group of customers. Check out the local event from your front door, and chat with locals about your services and products. The benefits are endless.

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